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Dangerous Foods for Dogs

 Submitted by Michael Adams on April 16, 2010

Just as with humans, there are certain types of food that can prove to be particularly dangerous for your pooch and knowing what they are can go a long way into ensuring the better health and upkeep of your animal. Today’s market is full of a wide types of dog food products that all promise to provide a healthier lifestyle for your pet. However, their advertising can in no way be considered to be a gauge used to identify the benefits of one product over another.

A better way of doing would be to browse over the ingredients section of the packaging and seeing if any substances that are known to be in any way dangerous to the health of dogs, are included in the list. However, one tip that could be handy is the fact that the lower priced dog foods are inadvertently the lower quality foods present in the market. One rule of thumb when it comes to dog nutrition and homemade dog diet is to make sure that the dog is being fed between 22% to 25% protein and about 15% to 19% fat.

While a number of people will feed almost anything to a dog with the mindset that anything that cases absolutely no reaction in the human system will have no affect on a dog, this is absolutely incorrect. One of the most well known examples bad dog foods is chocolate. While chocolate has no effect on the human system, even a relatively small amount of theobromine (which is the main constituent of chocolate) can cause the dog to vomit, diarrhea as well as have seizures and an abnormal heart beat that may even lead to the animal’s death. Because of the close link between chocolate and caffeine, it is important to keep the dogs away from caffeine as well – it generates very much the same reactions.

A number of people are oblivious to the fact that onions and garlic are also dangerous dog foods in all their forms – cooked, dried or even fried. The main ingredient that causes the reaction in these food sources is known as thiosulphate – which causes a significant amount of irritation in the gastrointestinal tract of the pooch and significantly higher intake (ranging to about 600 grams) can even cause damage to the red blood cells. The consumption of grapes and nuts are known to cause kidney failure while avocado is known to cause vomiting and diarrhea as well as heart congestion in the more extreme cases.

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