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Keep Dog Healthy

 Submitted by Michael Adams on April 12, 2010

Pet owners are responsible for the health and well being of their dogs. Dogs depend on their owners for nutrition and proper care during times of illness. The job of grooming, bathing and exercising the dog also rests with owner.

Practicing proper pet health care is vital in ensuring the longevity and welfare of the dog.

Good nutrition is very important for dogs and it is advisable to consult your veterinarian regarding the type of diet your dog should have. The diet of a dog differs according to the age of the dog, along with other factors.

Also contact your vet and have your dog undergo an examination if you notice any health problems such as injury, illness or skin conditions. Dogs also require adequate exercise to stay healthy and as such a proper exercise regimen must be set for him. Grooming also contribute to health of the dog. The manner of grooming depends on factors such as the length of the hair, climate and size of the dog. If you dog remains mostly in the house, shedding of hair must be controlled. If he tends to spend more time outdoors, he may be prone to having leaves, sticks and dirt lodged in his coat. Using a good brush is important and brushing the coat often will help to remove mud and dirt. The coat is also stimulated while brushing.

The dog’s hair must also be trimmed, especially if you live in a hot climate and during the hot summer months. If your dog has long hair, trimming his hair will help to prevent fleas and ticks. The toenails must also be cut regularly to maintain good hygiene. Another step in maintaining proper health of the dog is regular bathing. Smaller dogs can be bathed in the bathroom or kitchen sink. Larger dogs can be bathed in a bathtub. Use shampoos that are especially designed for dogs. There are various shampoos available for various purposes. Fleas and ticks can be treated using special shampoos. There are also certain shampoos available for skin conditions. Dogs must be bathed regularly, although care must be taken in case of those dogs that are prone to dry skin. The teeth may be brushed using special brushes and toothpastes. This will help to prevent the buildup of plaque, thereby helping to protect the dog from teeth and gum problems. It is also recommended that all pet owners have their dogs vaccinated at the right times.

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