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Dog Diet

Feeding Healthy Diet to Dog

 Submitted by Michael Adams on April 12, 2010

When feeding a dog, there are certain points that must be kept in mind. Usually after the age of nine months, dogs can be fed one meal daily. You can also divide this meal into two portions of equal amounts.

The stomachs of younger dogs are smaller in size and hence they tend to eat lesser quantities during meal times. To make it easier for them, you may feed them twice a day. Small puppies generally consume 3 to 4 meals every day.

This should be reduced when they approach the age of six months. From six months onwards, dogs can begin to eat regular adult food.

When dogs fall sick, you can care for them in much the same way you would care for smaller dogs. Feed them three small meals of food daily. If the dog doesn’t eat solid foods due to illness, meat broth may be fed. Female dogs that are pregnant generally require more food than they were eating before. In such cases, it is advisable to consult your vet regarding how to feed the dog. The basic dog diet must consist of proteins which are necessary for overall growth and tissue replacement. Fats too are required for food health of the coat. An adequate intake of fat ensures that the dog’s coat remains silky and shiny. When purchasing dog food, check the food labels to identify the proportion of carbohydrates contained in the food. You can then decide on those foods that are appropriate for you’re the weight of your dog. The right intake of carbohydrates will also ensure healthy bowel movement in the dog.

Dogs of older age should be fed lesser amounts of food. It is advisable to feed them many smaller meals throughout the day. Once dogs reach the age of twelve years, food helps in revitalizing the body which is necessary for them at that age. It is recommended that dog food be served at room temperature. However some dogs may also prefer warm food. Dogs must never be fed scraps, leftovers and stale food. Dogs must be fed only those foods that are meant for dogs only as feeding them other foods such as processed cat food can prove to be harmful due to the high protein content. Avoid feeding your dog small or broken bones as they can get lodged in the throat and lead to choking. If your dog hasn’t been eating properly for more than 24 hours, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian.

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