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Early Signs of Cat Illness

 Submitted by Michael Adams on February 10, 2010

When our pets get sick, we often do not realize it; because of which, they get medical attention only after they have been sick for some time. When a human being is not feeling well, it is easy to see the signs because of facial expressions and general demeanor. The person may even be able to verbally communicate that they are not feeling well.

Cats and dogs however do not have this luxury. Their facial expressions seldom display the signs of their suffering.

If there is something that is not right with your cat, there are many early warning signs.

Unfortunately for our cats, we often don’t observe them closely enough to find something amiss. The warning signs may be ignored for a long period, after which, the treatment of the cat becomes both difficult and expensive.

Here are some of the visible signs that your cat is not well and needs medical attention:

  • There is a substantial change in behavior. If your cat has always been friendly but has recently been acting shy, reserved, or aggressive, there may be something wrong. The cat may feel a bit touchy about being petted. In some cases, cats behave in a rather over-friendly manner when they are not feeling all too well. Therefore, the first sign of ill health in a cat is an extreme change in its behavior. It is, however, important to note that if you see a warning sign, it does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with your cat. It simply means that the cat may be developing an ailment, and that you have to watch it a little more closely.
  • A change in your cat’s appearance is a definite indication that something is wrong. A rapid loss or gain of weight, and changes in the fur - increasing coarseness, loss in patches, dullness, excessive hair loss and loss of sheen - are some of the indications of cat health issues. Though some changes can be associated with ageing or climate change, other more significant changes can be associated with health issues.
  • Another unmistakable indication of cat health problems are change in its appetite and bowel movements. Cats that are not healthy, usually avoid food. The frequency of their bowel movements also changes. They may experience constipation or loose motion. If your cat has not been regular with its food intake, you might want to pay a visit to the vet.
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