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Dog Diet

Improving Dogs� Health with Natural Diet

 Submitted by Michael Adams on December 21, 2009

Just like their human owners, dogs also need a nutritious diet. While some dog owners prefer to use commercially packed dog food, you can supplement these foods with raw bones and vegetables. Commercially packed foods contain essential nutrients and vitamins that are useful for your dog’s health; these are also convenient when you don’t have the time to prepare a special meal for your pet.

However, there are two benefits of a natural diet: it can keep your dog healthy and help him live longer.  

Some people feed their dogs with rice and cooked vegetables. However, cooked foods lose some of the nutrients that a dog requires, so it’s best to feed your dog raw foods.

Avoid salts and sugars when preparing your dog’s meal. If your dog develops a taste for salty or sweet foods, he may overeat and gain weight. Just like humans, dogs are also at a risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, so be careful what you feed your pet. Some dog breeds may not be able to digest certain foods, speak with your vet before preparing dog food at home. Your dog’s diet will also depend on its age and how active it is. The needs of a young pup will be quite different from that of an adult or older animal. Not all dogs can digest cereal and it must be pointed out that most commercially packed dog foods contain cereal, which can lead to allergies and digestive troubles for your pet. Commercially packed foods also contain preservatives, colors, and additives that make the food taste better. This too will cause your dog to overeat making him lethargic and overweight.

In order to stay healthy, a dog needs a good diet and enough exercise. So make sure your dog gets enough exercise. Some dog breeds are quite content to remain where they are, so that you will need to take them out; but most dogs will be quite enthusiastic to run outside. Never give your dog any of the following foods: chocolates, foods with processed sugars, beverages, raisins or macadamia nuts. While bones are good for your dog, it’s not a good idea to feed your dog fish with the bones in it. These bones can get lodged in the dog’s throat and cause a lot of trouble. Also avoid small bones from poultry and other meats that can get stuck in the dog’s throat. Raw eggs and onions are also best avoided.
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